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Trends: Coats + Outerwear

This seems only an appropriate post, as we just received another 4+ inches of snow last night with another round of that "lovely" winter weather on the way. Today's post is all about the coats and outerwear that I have been surviving the brutal Iowa winter with this year!

There are several coats and jackets that I rotate between but this first one is my go-to when it is bitter cold and snowing. Of course, it is the most "traditional" style of winter coat that I own. This olive green longer length winter coat is from Target's Merona brand from three winters ago and I know it will last me through more if I choose to let it! It was $50ish when I bought it and I purchased that size medium for when I layer anything chunky underneath it. The longer length is great for keeping the cold out and keeping the warm in! (I linked something similar.)

The second is a coat that I picked up this year from Target and is one that I wear when wearing my big winter coat is just too much, like out to supper, coffee date, errands, etc. where you would be traveling a short distance and wanting to take your coat off when you arrived. This coat is an olive green teddy coat from Target's Merona brand as well. (They really know what's up with coats!) It has pockets and one single button for a closure. It also came in a burgundy color. This coat was also around $50 and I purchased the medium again for layering and chunky clothing purposes.

The last coat that I wear is when it is in the 40s outside. It's a woven gray coat by JACK by BB Dakota that I picked up from We the Dreamer this fall for those chillier fall mornings but have also gotten use out of this winter when wearing an olive coat wasn't going to match my outfit. This coat could also be worn as a cardigan like jacket indoors if it is chilly. It's perfect for both dressy and casual days!

Onto the jackets that I rotate between, year round honestly, but more often in the winter with layers. I wear my jean jacket consistently. And by that I mean everyday of the week at times. I also have a cognac leather jacket and an olive leather jacket (if that would surprise you) that I wear as well. They all get decent use before the bitter cold and snow hit and then again as the snow and cold are leaving before the weather warms up! My jean jacket is 3 years old from Target and both of my leather jackets are We the Dreamerz. (The olive is still in stock in XS!)

Thanks for reading along! Hopefully this helps give you some inspiration for winter weather outfits! Check in Friday to read about current buys and what's in my shopping cart!


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