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Style Guide: Finding Your Color Palette

This week, we are discussing which color palettes that are based on your skin tone. Now, will be pretty honest, I usually don't follow specific rules when it comes to color, as I know that I am drawn to and more comfortable wearing colors that typically would not be within my skin tones color palette. By no means does selecting a color palette create the set of colors that you must wear, but it can often help if you are wanting to add some color to your wardrobe.

Let's get into talking about skin tones! There are four many skin tones. They are cool, warm, neutral and olive. Cool undertones read pink, red or bluish. Warm undertones read yellow, peachy and golden. Olive reads, well, olive. From here, you can probably already tell which category you fall in to.

Cool skin tones often look best in colors that are on the cool end of the color spectrum. These colors can include: emeralds, deep purples, lavenders, pink and icy and bright blue. If you are wanting to incorporate a warm color, some color choices include super pale yellows and ruby and rosy reds. Neutral tones include bright white, gray and navy.

Warm skin tones often look best in greens, browns, mustard yellow and warm reds. The colors that are on the warmer end of the color spectrum. Some other colors that you could include are peach, coral and gold. If you are wanting some cooler colors in your wardrobe, some good choices would include, olive and a magenta pink/purple. Neutral tones include colors like taupe and cream.

Neutral skin tones don't have to work hard to find a color that is flattering on their skin tone. Simple colors like mauve and dusty blush look great along with mint and teal. These are some easy colors to have a lot of fun with. For neutrals, stick with off-whites, dark brown, medium grays and black.

Olive skin tones often look best in vibrant shades of pink and purple. These offset the green tone to the skin and give some colorful glow. Olive follows the warm skin tones when it comes to neutrals. Stick with the taupes and creams when you are looking for your neutrals.

Do you know which skin tone that you fall in to? If not, there are some great tips and tricks you can find just by looking up "what is my skin tone." There are vein tests, neutral tests and much more!

I fall into the cool skin tones category but I for sure wear colors that fall into the warm skin tones group. Don't be afraid to play around with your colors. It's the best way to figure out if something looks good on you or not. Also, don't rule out one whole color grouping just because one shade did not look great. There is a shade of each color that is made for each person!

Need help figuring out your skin tone? Feel free to reach out for help!

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