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What's In My Shopping Cart

Spring to me is a fresh start after the winter, so I like to refresh my styling sense with a couple new pieces after searching for what the spring trends and colors might be. I have always stuck true to what I know and love, so when it comes to trends and styling I know I may not follow what the runway report is saying. Style is about your take on fashion and the confidence that you exude while you are wearing it.

My style stays pretty consistent throughout the seasons, so not much changes, I just add some new pieces to freshen up what I currently have and retired some old that I feel has served me well but is time to move on from. That being said, I have rounded up the 6 pieces that I have picked up for spring weather so far, and then a list of some pieces that I am planning to add to my wardrobe.

Target Haul:

I have been pretty much stalking the Target website and app to see when new pieces are added, especially to the Universal Threads collection. I feel that 99% of that collection fits my style perfectly, so it is really easy to gravitate towards pieces from that collection. These three are all Universal Threads and I am very excited to get to style them!

First up- golden wrap style top. I can see this top being style with jeans now and with shorts and skirts later. Something that adds that bit of color when it can be cloudy and raining so often during the spring.

Second- rose and white tie and button front top. I have already worn this super light-weight shirt once with a cardigan and jeans and loved it! Pairing this with medium-wash jeans and sandals is that perfect Saturday casual look that you may be seeking.

Third- chambray short-sleeve button up. I absolutely LOVE my long sleeve top like this from Old Navy, so I know that I will be getting so much use out of this one! I find myself wearing tops like this often with cardigans now and I know that it will be such an easy piece to wear alone with jeans or shorts soon!

We the Dreamerz Haul:

You've been seeing me talk about We the Dreamerz on here more and more often. As a quick bit about it, I have been working at this boutique for 4 1/2 years now and love their style and environment. I am a frequent shopper their and will always be one to talk about them and what they have to offer!

I really love neck scarves and how diverse they are, so when these neck scarves arrived, I knew that I was about to be adding some more to my collection. I would say you can catch me in a neck scarf any day of the year just because I really love what they add to an outfit. They are also just so diverse with so many different ways to wear just one piece.

The cream ribbed top is the other piece that I have recently picked up. It is a semi-sheer weight, so such a great transitional piece. I wore it with some dark wash jeans and did a front tuck with it and the side slits really made the top fit so well.

I know that We the Dreamerz will be getting so many more spring items in, so stay tuned on more clothing hauls from the boutique.

Last, but not least, I have created a sort of list of things that I have been thinking about adding to my wardrobe. I have not yet found where I will be purchasing these pieces, they are just things that I know I am wanting to look for.

First up, more jumpers. I have a couple now and I always am so comfortable when I am wearing them, so I know that I am going to be wanting to add more to my wardrobe for spring and summer.

Secondly, easy dresses and skirts. I love how feminine skirts and dresses made me feel, especially with the right shoes and accessories. I am hoping to add a couple more of each to my wardrobe for the warmer season.

Lastly, dressy tanks and blouses. I used to be a barista, so I currently have a surplus of easy tees that I am trying to cycle out of when it comes to tops. I have been slowly but surely adding some new blouses into my wardrobe.

That's all for my shopping cart today! Stay tuned on a blog post about my style and how I curate it soon!


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