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What's In My Amazon Cart

Amazon is such a great place to find the basic things that you need for everyday life at a low price, but it is also a great place to find some cool and unique pieces that you can't always find in store. Plus, quick and free shipping!

I've put together a list of the top 10 pieces that are currently in my cart/recently purchased. I tried not include clothing items in this list, as there are so many clothing pieces that I have my eyes on!

First thing on the list, a bluetooth speaker. It has a super retro vibe that fits in great with my current home decor. It comes with an aux cord and is powered through an outlet rather than needing charged. It has great reviews online and I am so far loving it!

Number two is the bedsheets that everyone raves about! Oddly, I only have one set of bedsheets, so when I want to wash them, I have to get it accomplished that day. (Not really that hard to do, but sometimes can get forgotten.) There is over 40 colors and they actually stay put on your bed because of the extra fabric that goes under the mattress.

The third piece is a little home decor. I love a good boho piece when it comes to home decor, so this macrame wall hanging really caught my eye. I've had this in my cart for a long while but have yet to get it! I love that it has a mirror in the center. I think it would be really cute above my bed, but I'm still trying to decide if I want something above my bed yet.

I've been looking for a travel jewelry case for so long, so it's no wonder why it's on the list! Number four is a travel jewelry case that will fit everything perfectly and keep it ultra organized and tangle free! I really love to wear jewelry but often don't take much along while traveling just out of worry that it may get damaged or too tangled to wear while on the trip. This would be the perfect solution to that problem!

Being on my computer/phone 80% of the day really takes its toll on my eyes. My current blue light glasses are metal, so they are painful on my ears during long wears. I found these great plastic framed blue light glasses that are a must-have on this list! My eyes are very thankful!

I am a brown shoe girl through and through. Nearly all of the shoes in my closet are brown or a shade of brown tones. I just gravitate towards brown, so each fall when new booties come out, I nearly always want a new brown pair. I love this pair for fall this year. The chunky heel is super fun but also makes it easy to walk in when compared to a skinny heel. I love these booties!

Wide brim hats have been so trendy lately and I love them! I am a total hat girl when I can make it work. This camel wide brim hat caught my eye a while ago when Laura Beverlin mentioned it on her IG stories. I added it to my wishlist then and just recently got it in the mail! It needs a minute to flatten out but the color is great!

Tanner Mann and Bre Sheppard rave about these leggings, and so I am really interested in giving them a try. I have been on a consistent workout schedule for a couple weeks now and find that I run out of leggings faster than I can wash them, so I have been eyeing a couple colors of these leggings to add to my workout wardrobe.

I love a good inspirational book that makes me what to get motivated and do fun work that I enjoy. Jordan Lee Dooley's book, Own Your Everyday: Overcome the Pressure to Prove and Show Up for What You Were Made to Do is a book that I have been interested in reading for so long but I have a stack of other books to get through before this makes it into my reading pile. I need to keep up on my reading a little bit better.

Throughout my workout journey, I have found that I literally have five pairs of socks. I have a BOATLOAD of fuzzy socks and over the knee socks and fun socks. But I only have five realistic pairs of workout socks, and these socks aren't really in the best shape either. I found a great 12 pack of socks that are only $10 and have 4.5 out of 5 stars. For sure giving these a try soon!

Thanks for reading through my random Amazon cart. Let me know if you have tried or try any of these products!



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