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Welcome the Change

A little late to the game with starting new habits and getting rid of old ones with the new year. I have truthfully been MIA since around Thanksgiving. No posts or content creation. Just work and more work is what it has felt like. It can get hard when you feel in a constant state of waking up and putting in a full day all to realize that it is time for bed and you have accomplished nothing to care for or fulfill yourself.

These are all things that I have been working to change but with January came a new transition for me and now again, I am back in a phase of transition, but a new one that will benefit me and give me more time to spend on the things that I love and find fulfilling. It gives me the opportunity to care for myself and be creative but also find time to rest and let it be. When life gets busy, it can be hard to keep up so ensuring that I can make that time now to take care of myself and also rest is so important.

At the beginning of a new year people usually set resolutions or goals that they hope to achieve but I feel like this isn't quite so affective for me, or most people. I instead have decided to use the new year, and new season, as a time of reflection to see what is working for me and what has become unfulfilling. Take time to see what is clouding your vision of you and who you desire and know that you can be, and then work towards eliminating those things that are standing in your way. They may be people or clutter or your self confidence, but whatever they may be, take some time to find the source of what is holding you back.

What is helping me:

For me, I need a consistent schedule, a support team, and a visible growth. To make these things become a reality, I have been lucky enough to be able to transition my work load to other hours of the day and week to free up time for me. I can shut work off when I am not logged on and this is a tremendous help. This more flexible, fixed work schedule has opened up time in my day to accomplish my list, wether it be content creation, exercising, or chores, I now have dedicated time to accomplish these tasks that make me feel better about the day.

Second up, my support team has been great when it comes to me needing someone to lean on at the end of a long day, bounce ideas off of, or just decompress with. Find your people and make sure that they share a similar vision of life and know that they will support you through the hard stuff.

Visible growth is such a major thing for me. Not everyone needs to see the changes unfolding before them, but for me, it keeps me motivated and on track. When I am exercising, if I can see the changes happening or if I don't have to stop to catch my breath mid-song at spin class, I know I am growing and changing. When I get messages from boutiques and brands letting me know they like my page or want to collaborate, I know I am growing. Six months ago, I had never received a message from a brand and at this point, I have accomplished my first collaboration and have gotten requests to do more!

From this, I have noticed one main word sticking out to me as I make transitions and grow. Motivated. My motivation keeps me going. It can be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel through all of the chaos but it is only a season, and this will pass. If you stay motivated, you know that you can make it through and that you will reach your goals or hit your mark. This is why I have chosen motivated as my word of the year. A word that I will think on each day to see how it can help me grow. I have heard many people do this and talk about the ways that they feel at the end of the year, no matter the word that they chose.

Take time to find what fulfills you. Find your people. Set your goals. Find your word.



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