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Weekly Favorites: November 29, 2020

The last weekly favorites for the month of November, which just seems entirely crazy! This year had for sure had moments where it is just flying past us.

Cranberry Moscow Mule:

I made this cocktail for Issack and I's Thanksgiving at home. The two of us decided to stay in KC rather than heading home for the holiday so we made it our own and still had a blast! These cranberry mules were so tasty and perfect for sipping while we cooked our tator-tot casserole.


1 shot of vodka

fill cup halfway with cranberry juice

fill cup the rest of the way with ginger beer

squeeze of lime juice and garnish with a slice of lime

So refreshing and tasty!

Moscow Mule Cup Set:

To go off of the recipe, I love this Moscow Mule cup set that I purchased last year. It comes with four cups, four straws and a shot glass to measure your shots out. The cups are a great size.

Camilla Backpack by Fossil:

This leather backpack is great for people working on the move. It has convertible straps so you can wear it as a backpack, crossbody, tote and more! It holds my laptop perfectly and so much more. There is a great pocket on the back side where I can easily slip my phone, mask and car keys in.

Apple AirPods:

Not ever an item that I would purchase for myself so they were a great gift for me. Being wireless while working out has been really great and makes me worry less about hitting my cord and such. They hold a great charge. They would make a perfect gift for someone who is hard to buy for.

Live by Sadie Robertson:

An easy read that is uplifting and motivating. Sadie talks about navigating life and truly living. A great read for this season especially if you feel that you are missing out or falling behind. Take some moments to just live.

Thanks for reading!



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