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Weekly Favorites: December 13, 2020

Hello! Here is my round up of my favorite things from this week! It wasn't a super eventful week and I have been pretty consistently using things that were weekly favorites of the past. (Got some new things this week though that I am hoping I end up loving!)

Made in KC Storefront

Issack and I have found so many great Christmas present here! They carry so many local companies and vendors that it is impossible to not find something when you stop in. The location in Country Club Plaza is the one that we go to. They also have a bar and a coffee shop in the space. We grabbed a drink here before we watched the plaza lights turn on this year. They also have an online store that you can check out if you are not local.

Alex and Ani Bangles

I have had a couple for many years and I recently started wearing them more often again. I love the detail that they add to a bracelet stack. They are dainty but still so fun. I have the brushed gold/bronze color and they have held up amazingly over the years. Such great quality and so many styles to choose from.

Milk Frother

My mom got me a milk frother for Christmas last year and now that they weather is cold, I have been drinking more hot coffee and using the frother. If you love the frothed milk you get on a latte or cappuccino, a milk frother might just be a great kitchen gadget for you!

Taylor Swift's New Album "Evermore"

I am by no means a "Swiftie" but her new album is pretty great. It has a laid back and low key tone and beat that makes it easy to listen to. I have been listening to it pretty much on repeat since it came out.

Let me know what things you are loving this week!



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