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Valentine's Day Gift Guide: Guys

How is Valentine's day next week already? January took forever and now February is flying past us! It's hard to be prepared when holidays are sneaking up on us so quickly. This gift guide for guys should help you come up with some ideas for that special guy in your life!

I personally don't ever go overboard with Valentine's day, so I picked out three products that would be great together as one gift. (Always trying to keep it under $75 when it comes to smaller holidays.)

First up, this wallet that I ordered on Amazon for my SO! I did the black leather because the one he has currently is a black leather but in MAJOR need of an upgrade! The quality of this one is great as it is a genuine leather. It does come in some other great colors as well! I thought about doing the cognac/brown leather but he is more of a black leather kind of guy. ($28.99)

Second on the list, also a gift I got this year, is a customized wallet insert. (Seemed fitting as I also got him a wallet.) You can customize this to say whatever you would like and you can also choose between several other great fonts! I chose the handwritten/cursive handwriting. (Varies $15 and up, depending on character count.)

The last gift idea I have is one that I didn't pick up this year but would in the future for sure! It would also be great as a gift for his birthday or Christmas as well!

I am BEYOND obsessed with anything Corkcicle. I prefer their products over any other type of reusable cup, etc. that they produce! (not an ad, just a preference.) Their can + bottle holder is a great gift for a beer or pop drinker. It comes in other colors, but I really love the matte black the Corkcicle does! ($19.95) (My canteen and tumbler are both matte black.)

I hope you enjoy my little gift guide for guys! I will have another up for the gals here soon too! Check back Friday for that!


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