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Tropical Vacation

Summer has officially taken flight and so will I in a few short days! I'm heading somewhere tropical soon and I wanted to take you along while I pack for my trip!

When packing and prepping for a trip, I firstly, always take into consideration the weather that we are going to be experiencing while we are away. From there, I pull pieces from my closet that I know fit that weather. I put those pieces into outfits and *poof* I am magically packed, and pretty quickly I might add! (I've been narrowing down the pieces that I have in my closet to create a consistent style and make it easy to get dressed in the morning! A post on that is soon to come.)

I have mapped out the days, including travel and have picked out outfits for each of them, plus a couple extra things if weather or activities change!

Day 1: Travel

For my first day, we are flying to our destination and then landing in the mid afternoon, meaning we still have plenty of time to explore and settle in! I am wearing my Old Navy jumper (last year), Target jean jacket (very old), and Target sandals for our day of travel and will also be traveling with my Fossil Camila backpack purse.

Day 2:

For basically everyday, I anticipate that we will be spending a majority of our time at the beach/pool, so I plan on basically just a swimsuit all day and maybe an outfit for the evening or if we go exploring during the day! For this day I have picked out my Moon River yellow and white striped pants with a white off the shoulder crop top (old) and those same brown sandals. (You will be seeing a lot of those!)

Day 3:

For today, I selected a floral cropped blouse with an open back paired with my Universal Threads jean skirt and those brown sandals. This shirt is a new arrival at We the Dreamerz, and the same print also comes in a tank style! I feel like the long sleeve could also be worn backwards as a sort of kimono thing!

Day 4:

I picked up this white dress for my college graduation this year, and have worn it several times since then! It is such a great weight and length for summer! And it comes with a slip, since it is pretty see through! I find that you can wear just the dress as a swim cover up as well! And since the slip comes apart from the dress, that can also be worn with other sheer dresses! So many wins with this piece! You can guess it, I am going to wear this with those brown sandals!

Day 5:

Today's look consists of a seafoam blue/green cami with a cream kimono (old). I paired these with some black denim shorts and those brown sandals. The kimono is also doubling as a swim cover up while we are here! Kimonos are such a great multi-tasking garment!

Day 6:

Today, I am wearing my white knit crop top with functional buttons on the front with some great rust shorts that I just recently picked up! They are such a great length for a short and also super lightweight. (I wore them on a really hot day recently and was sitting a lot and no sweat was showing through the fabric. An absolute win!)

Day 7:

Popping on one of my favorite shirts today! My short sleeve chambray shirt with my white paper bag waist shorts (old)! Such a timeless and classic outfit that you can change up throughout the seasons! I wear this top all the time (more than likely at least once a week.)

Day 8:

Today's look is funky! I absolutely love these pants! My sister calls them my egg pants, because the pattern looks a bit (exactly) like a sunny-side up egg (old)! I paired them with a white racerback tank and (We're changing it up finally!) some great black slide sandals!

Day 9:

We fly out later this day, so I anticipate a little beach time before we pack up for the airport. The outfit I planned is comfy because it's an overnight flight. I picked out my olive joggers to wear with a basic white tee and a white cardigan. The white cardigan will double as another great layering piece on this trip.

Other pieces brought along, because every girl overpacks for a tropical vacation!

I am bringing yes, 5 swimsuits. *insert massive eye roll* I really don't need to bring this many but I ordered 4 from Shein this year and want to bring them but I also want to bring my favorite one piece as well, so yeah, I'm bringing all 5.

I am also bringing a sunhat, an extra swim cover up, some athletic clothes, tennis shoes, sunglasses (obvious), 2 extra dresses, 3 extra tops, one pair of jeans, and one sweatshirt. I am also bringing my small round purse to carry while we are out and about because I really won't need my big backpack always.

All products/similar products are tagged within each day, so you can find the pieces there!

Thanks for reading and have a great week!



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