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Trend Forecast: My Spring 2019 Trends

Like every other person in the Mid West right now, I am sick of the winter cold and snow. I have started to look at spring arrivals and trends to see what I might be seeing soon. (That is if it reaches the Mid West AND people actually buy into it.) I'm less of a trend person and more of a staple person typically, that is why I gravitate more towards trending colors. I have chosen some "colors" (Can you really count denim as a color?) that I know I will be reaching for this spring season and some great pieces to find in those colors as well!

Color is really a hard thing for everyone to get on the same page with sometimes. It is so important to know what works for your skin tone so that you are always looking great in your new and old pieces. I for one, will basically always stick to a very neutral color palette. This isn't because I am scared of color or anything, but really just to keep a very versatile wardrobe. I am a warm toned color palette of neutrals. Typically wearing brown shoes, cream rather than white for blouses and tops, rusty oranges and reds, faded out and more mustard yellow tones, a navy blue rather than royal blue, the list goes on. Keeping my colors neutral makes it easy to shop and easy to get dressed. Now, after that ramble session.. behold.. my chosen spring colors!

*I am currently working to put together a blog post about colors for skin tones, along with how I have changed the way that I shop, and also another on what my closet staples are.*

Color 1: Denim

I will ALWAYS be the girl that would choose a pair of jeans over a pair of leggings or sweatpants any day! Jeans make me feel like I can conquer the world, while leggings make me feel lazy and unproductive unless I am doing a workout. During the spring and summer you can be sure to find me transitioning into my lighter wash denim. Don't get me wrong, my dark wash and black denim is still getting worn but, man, those Iowa winters get long, and those jeans get over-worn! (Winter is STILL here, and will be for a while.) I find myself stepping away from my fun, lighter wash denim once the temperatures are decreasing, so I like to have them taking center stage for the warm weather.

Color 2: Camel/Rusty Orange

I know, Living Coral should really be what I want to talk about, but in reality, this color isn't for everyone, and I am one of those people that Living Coral just isn't going to really work for. It's okay though! There are so many ways to participate in this color trend! All colors come within a color range/different hues and such, pardon my probably incorrect terminology. (I swear I learned about the proper terms, it really has just spaced my mind.) I love the idea of adding a pinky/orange color tone to my closet for the spring months ahead that will lead to summer, but I know I am not a big wearer of pink. Instead, I gravitate more towards the toned down versions of orange, because that it what is going to flatter my skin tone and what I will continue to wear year after year.

Found on Pantone's Website

Color 3: Mustard Yellow

I wear mustard yellow year round truly but I do break it out more in the spring and summer than in the fall and winter. It reminds me of sunshine so wearing it in the spring may coax it out to melt the snow away! I like to pair yellow with cream, cognac, or navy. I feel that this really helps to yellow to stand out. Black can often look too stark with yellow on me and can be unflattering at times. I know I will be wearing lots of yellow this spring and summer seasons.

Found on Pantone's Website

Color 4: Blush Pink

Another color that we have been seeing, but I really enjoy for the spring season. Pastels in the spring always remind me that Easter is coming, so they are something I am wearing more frequently March through May. As mentioned earlier, I am not much of a pink wearer, so I actually don't own any clothing that is blush pink. The way that I do blush is with accessories, namely my newly purchased neck scarf. My neck scarf also has many other colors that I can be seen wearing frequently, so it is so easy to incorporate it into my wardrobe! Add color in subtly by choosing an accessory rather than a clothing garment.

Found on Pantone's Website

Hopefully knowing why I picked out these colors is more clear now and helps you to decide what colors you are planning to gravitate towards as the spring and summer seasons begin!


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