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Travel: Packing for a Trip

With spring breaks coming to a close and summer vacations beginning to be planned, it might be time to share some tips on how I make packing for a trip a breeze. Going somewhere new is always exciting, and you know you want to look cute the WHOLE time you are away. (Who knows who you will meet!) You typically will pack your entire wardrobe just in case you want to wear everything you own in the span of a week. This used to be me when I was packing for trips, but not anymore. I have found the perfect way to help myself stay on track when packing for a trip.

You're a couple weeks out for your trip away and you start to day dream about what you will see and do, but are you also day dreaming about what you will need to wear? I know I am. I will typically feel the need to get some new things before the trip too, because who doesn't love new clothes!? This is a habit that I have kicked. Instead of shopping for new clothes that I might just wear on the trip, I will save that money and do my shopping on the trip, unless there are things that I will absolutely need before I leave for this trip.

You've been thinking of outfits to wear, now what? It is now a week out and you need to start packing soon. Check out the weather to see what each day is going to be like. Start planning an outfit for each day/activity that you will be doing. Now you have planned out what each day is going to look like and what you think you might want to wear. Pull those pieces from your closet and lay them out. I like to make a capsule wardrobe when I am outfit planning for a trip to make mixing and matching super easy while away. This is what I do next with the pieces that I have laid out. Do they all go together and can be matched with different outfits? Does each outfit fit the weather or activity you are doing that day? If these answers are both yes, I pack it up! I also like to ensure myself a little leeway when taking a trip because I know one day I'm going to get dressed and not like what I planned, so I try to throw in a couple extra tops depending on the length of the trip.

You have all your clothes pulled for your trip. Are you thinking about shoes yet? I always limit myself when it comes to shoes and packing. I nearly always take too many pairs.

Winter getaway? A pair of sneakers, a pair of winter boots, and pair of dressier shoes

Beachy? A pair of sneakers or comfortable sandals for walking and sightseeing, beach shoes, and a pair of dressier shoes

Regardless of your destination, you can almost always see me packing three pairs of shoes. One for walking (sneakers), one for the main event (snow shoes, hiking boots, flip flops), and one for a nice dinner.

Clothes and shoes are officially packed! You're almost there! But wait! All those toiletries! This truly is the easy part though. I try to pack these items as I am getting ready the day before. It makes it super hard to forget anything when instead of putting a product away, you put it in the travel bag!

Some photos used are from my most recent trip to Seattle and Vancouver!

Sneakers are my favorite while traveling!

Toiletries bag is similar to the one that use!


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