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The Denim Edit: Where I Purchase My Denim

I am a jeans girl through and through. I will choose a pair of jeans over leggings or sweats any day! My jean collection isn't huge but I have all of the basics and a few fun additions as well.

When it comes to jeans, fit is so important, but you already knew that! Many struggle when trying on jeans and really dread jean shopping. I purchase new jeans pretty frequently and have found my go-to brands/companies so that way I can make jean shopping a breeze!

My number one jean brand is Madewell. The best quality jeans that I have come from Madewell and you can often find some great options on sale, as they are always adding to and running new sales lately. I have a classic, high waisted black jean from Madewell, a white jean with a frayed hem and also a dark wash Cali demi-boot jean. With Madewell, fabric contents are so important because a little elastic/spandex goes such a long ways! I usually stick with a size 27 when there is 2% elastic. If I have the opportunity to try on I may fluctuate that based on what fit/style I am trying on.

My second favorite place to purchase jeans from is Carly Jean Los Angeles.

The denim and tried and true by the ladies that work there and they pride themselves on having comfortable denim in stock on their website. The customers rave about being able to sleep and even do yoga in many of the jean styles. They come out with new styles each season and may have smaller denim drops throughout the season. In a 'soft' (super stretchy) denim I am a 5 and in a 'hard' denim, I prefer a size 7.

My third favorite place to get denim is from Target. Their Universal Threads collection has never failed me when it comes to denim. They are amazing quality for such a low price point. There are some styles that I purchase 2-3 years ago from this collection that look brand new and I paid maybe $25 for them! That is great quality for a low price point! I find that I usually purchase a size 4 in the Universal Threads collection but may size up to a 6 for a looser/Mom/boyfriend fit or down to a 2 if it is a high stretch fabric.

There are some other companies that many others rave about! Here are some that I have heard amazing things about, but have yet to try! Abercrombie (I have purchased other pieces from them, just not denim), Levi's (I have never put the time into figuring out what size I am with them), and Agolde (I have only heard great things, but the price point is not where I choose to spend when it comes to denim).

Thanks for reading along! Check back next week for some of my fall picks from my favorite places to shop for denim. Let me know if there are other places or brands that I should check out when it comes to purchasing denim!


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