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Style Guide: the wrap up

A short and sweet post today to wrap things up with the style guide. But first, thanks for following along the last couple of weeks. I know the Style Guide was a very minimal introduction to finding and discovering your personal style, but I hope it was a helpful tool to get you thinking about what you enjoy wearing!

Discovering your personal style can be an eye opening moment that really helps the ways that you carry yourself, shop, get dressed in the mornings and so much more. Knowing what you look good in is helpful tool so that shopping can be a breeze and the stress of feeling put together is no longer a stress.

If you found yourself with questions throughout the last couple of weeks or want to work one-on-one with me to find your personal style, reach out to me. Growing confidence in others is what made me fall in love with fashion and personal style in the first place, and I am always looking for someone new to work with and grow their style and boost their confidence.

Leave me some comments or message me for any ideas that you are wanting to see me post about over the coming weeks! I'm all ears!




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