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Style Guide: Introduction

A fresh year brings a fresh look at many things in life. Many make resolutions to eat better, exercise more, drink more water, spend less, save more, etc. I like to think of it as a fresh look at myself. How do I feel about the current place that I am in; career, confidence, personal relationships, etc. A new year is a great time to focus in on what you want to do or achieve in this coming year. This year, I am focusing on my personal style, wardrobe and confidence surrounding that.

This can be such a dreadful and daunting task for many. It's that task that you avoid because it is so much work and stress. You have your go-to cardigan and tee, your lounge wear style is at peak performance, or you just don't know where to start. There are always a million excuses why not, but the why is so much greater. The confidence you feel in yourself when you feel good in what you wear is so much greater than the feelings of getting started.

This is all why I am starting a personal styling series here on the blog to talk about the journey of developing your personal style and creating a wardrobe that you love and feel great wearing. There is not one single reason that you should not feel great in your own skin each day.

During this series, I will talk about how to go about defining your personal style, dressing for your body type and skin tone, cleaning out your closet, and adding in new key pieces. This does not have to be a daunting and exhausting project, and we can do it together.

I can't wait to gear up and start this series with you. Let me know what topics you want to hear about regarding personal style, wardrobes, body type, skin tones and more!

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