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Style Guide: Finding Your Style

Welcome to the first session of the Style Guide. Today I am covering finding your personal style. I am certain that you have heard of this before. There are so many approaches to finding and defining your style that I am certain a quick Google will overwhelm you.

What helps me the most when it comes to defining my style is to think about where my life currently is. Right now, I am living in KC and working in person. I am not a lounge wear person and the weather is pretty moderate. Where is your life right now? How do you spend your time? Are you working from home or working in person? Are you reaching for your jeans or are you keeping in comfy? The weather doesn't always have a major affect on my style. It more or less tells me if I need to layer or wear a jacket, etc. Answer some pretty basic questions about where your life currently is to get started. From there, the rest will more or less fall into place easier.

After working through where I am at currently, I take to my Pinterest. Pinterest is a great way to gather inspiration for new outfits, putting together looks with pieces you already have, or working towards finding a new style altogether. Does your Pinterest feel like clothes you already have and love or is it more an aspirational wardrobe that you wish you had? If it's pieces that you have and love, your wardrobe may not need much tweaking, just fine tuning. If your Pinterest is feeling aspirational and you love the direction it is going in, you may be looking at a wardrobe revamp.

Maybe you need to start all over with what you currently have pinned and create a new board that feels more you when it comes to the style you want to achieve. This is totally acceptable and may be even better when it comes to narrowing down how you describe your style.

Don't have Pinterest? That's okay! Find pictures, fabrics, photos, etc. that feel like you and how you would like to dress. You can create a mood board with everyday pieces that you already have in your environment. This is basically just a hard copy of any board that you would create on Pinterest too.

What are some words that are coming to mind while you are gathering inspiration or thinking about your wardrobe? These words can guide you to figuring out what your style is. Some words that come to mind for me are: boho (flowy fabrics, light and earthy tones), elevated (bringing my looks up a level), and chic (finding looks and pieces that flatter my body type). Your words can help to be a guide for you as you think about the pieces in your wardrobe and as you go about finding your personal style.

You may not be able to fully define your personal style quite yet, but it is in the works and is typically a work in progress for many. It will evolve as you work through your wardrobe and learn more about yourself too.

Next week, we will be talking about body types! This can be tricky but it is so important to know what styles flatter you and what styles will do nothing for you.

Let me know if you need any help working on defining your style!


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