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Starting the Year off Right

Happy (late) New Year friends! As is the trend with a new year, I have set some goals that I am wanting to achieve in the 2019 year. I know, most people have already shared their goals or resolutions, but I wanted to make sure that they were a realistic fit for me. That I truly wanted to attain these goals. 

First on my goal list, post on my blog and Instagram more regularly. Both are things that I have been wanting to achieve for quite some time now, but I often find it difficult to do these things. It is constantly hard for me to put myself out into the world to be visible for all to see and read about. I have yet to begin posting regularly on either platform, but I am hoping to fall into a nice swing of things once I have created a solid plan. 

Second on my goal list, become more organized when it comes to life things. Now, I am already a fairly organized person. I have been described as a planner. I wish I could see into the future so I didn't have to worry about what's coming. It would really take a lot of stress away. So I plan to accomplish becoming more organized through the use of my planner and utilizing my phone to-do list and calendar apps more often. 

Here's a planner similar to the one I have:

Third on my goal list, eat healthier and take time to exercise. Many people have this on their goal list and resolutions each year. I have it on mine for more than just trying to achieve the goal of being fit. I have severe IBS along with being semi-lactose intolerant because of the IBS, so in order to help my stomach feel better, I am trying to eat the right foods to prevent any problems or complications. 

I have been using two apps to stay on track. Workout for Women (an app filled with 7 minute or more workouts) along with Lifesum (an app that keeps track of food, exercise, water, and weight.)

Fourth on my goal list is to actually wear the clothing in my closet. I am currently trying to go through my entire closet to see what I actually still wear versus what I never touch. Trying to be practical with my clothing is something that has always been hard to me. I'm someone who often will get something in the moment and then never wear it again. I'm really trying to get away from that in the new year. 

I constantly reread "The Curated Closet." It is a really great book that helps my rethink my personal style and wardrobe. 

Fifth, and lastly on my goal list, is to put more time aside to work on my personal styling business. It is something that is really important to me and that I have already put much time and effort in to creating. I would like to see much progress on it by the end of the month. 

Keep checking back here for more updates on what is to come for my styling business! 

Thanks for reading along! Leave a comment for any advice you have on accomplishing these goals! 


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