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September Favorites

The end of September is here. Fall is officially in full swing and many are getting ready for Halloween! I for one, love fall. The weather is great for those cute and cozy layers and most of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe can only be worn in the fall! (Hello crazy sweater lady!) In saying that, I thought I would gather up what my top 5 favorite things were this September to lead into this fall season.

I literally wear these at least twice a week, if not more than that. They are ultra comfy and hug you in all the right places. The distressing on them is fun but not too over the top and they fraying at the bottom makes them the perfect length to frame those fall booties! They also look great with sandals and sneakers. I've dressed these jeans up and I've worn them super casual. You just can't go wrong!

2. Stok Cold Brew Un-Sweet + Coffee Mate Natural Bliss Caramel Almond Milk Creamer

The best duo out there. I drink this nearly every day! It is great for waking up in the morning or also perfect for an afternoon pick-me-up if you missed your morning coffee. You don't need much cream with the cold brew so a little goes a long ways.

3. The Influencer Podcast by Julie Solomon

This is a great podcast for really any person who is creative, entrepreneurial, or social media savvy. She literally talks about so many subjects, related to social media, influencing or life in general. There isn't one thing that she doesn't touch on. Her guests are great industry experts in whatever the subject is for the week!

This concealer is amazing! I don't wear a ton of makeup, so this is great for a day where I need some coverage. On a typical day, I just toss on some mascara and run out the door. When I have a minute more, I wear this concealer and finish off the look. With this concealer, you don't even need a foundation over top. That's how great of coverage this concealer gives you!

5. Raw Sugar Sugar Scrub + Body Butter

I love this duo for getting a close shave and moisturizing my body after a shower. I use the scrub before I shave to exfoliate. The sugar dissolves and leaves a great silky and moisturizing feel to my legs before I even shave. After I step out of the shower and dry off, I apply the body butter to seal in the moisture. These two really are a great duo!

Thanks for checking out this quick list of things that I have been loving lately! I have truly been loving all of these products!


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