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New Apartment + Home Decor

I just recently moved into a new apartment on my own and it has been such a whirlwind! Moving was exhausting and getting settled took some time but now that I feel like I have everything put away, I decided it was time for a little home tour and decor post!

The Kitchen:

We can start off in the kitchen, which is really simple and open. I don't really have it decorated at all because my apartment is an open concept. The bar stools that I have were gifted by my best friend and may be swapped out for a different option in the future. The picture hanging in the entryway is from Hobby Lobby. It was on major sale for like $5! What a steal! The dishes that I chose are Better Homes and Gardens from Walmart. I like to keep the kitchen area clean and decluttered so there really isn't much out and much to show.

The Living Room:

Next up is the living room! Again, the couch was gifted to me by my best friend. It is super comfy and I spend many hours lounging there doing work or watching Netflix! (Just finished Stranger Things with my boyfriend!) I got a throw blanket from Mrs. Glynn and Co. a while back and I knew it would be perfect once I moved. I recently went to TJ Maxx to look for throw pillows to go with the couch and the yellow ones came in a pack of 2 for $20 and match my blanket perfectly! I also found this great white lumbar pillow there too!

The set of three paper flower pictures are from Target several seasons ago. I made the yarn wall hanging. It's a nice little accent to the room. The basket is Opalhouse from Target.

Across the room, under my TV, is a sewing machine that was gifted to me by my grandmother. It is a beautiful machine that she used when my dad was young. I got the little stool next to it from Hobby Lobby. I decorated the top with a picture of my cousins and one of my friend and I in white wooden frames. I found these little faux succulents in the dollar section at Target. My grandma gave me the little sign on the table. I love how my living room space has started to come together. I am planning to get an area rug in the near future, but still trying to decide what specifically I am looking for!

The Patio:

Nothing crazy for my patio space! I just ordered this small space chair set from Wayfair! It came super quickly and then was also super easy to put together! I would get outdoors plants and such but I live in Iowa so the weather will change too soon and I also really suck at keeping plants alive. I am planning on getting some outdoor lights to hang, along with a candle to keep bugs away.

The Bathroom:

The bathroom is also a super simple place in my apartment. I purchased the rugs two years ago when I moved out of my dorm room. They are still great in this apartment too! I got my towels and shower curtain from Target. I really love the curtain! I keep my towels in a woven basket that I got from Hobby Lobby. My grandma also got me the sign on the back of my toilet. On my counter, I put my makeup brushes in a glass that didn't match the rest of the ones I have. A very simple bathroom, but bathrooms aren't really meant for anything too special!

The Bedroom:

The bedroom really is my favorite part of the whole apartment. I have fully transformed it into something that is so soothing and relaxing. Most of the things in my room are thrifted or handmade, so bear with me through that!

My dad and I made my headboard together! I had a more simple idea for the headboard and he really took it to the next level by adding lights and shelves in. It really is great! Both of my throw pillows are from Target, along with my bedding. My throw blanket was made by my great-grandma.

On my headboard is succulents from Hobby Lobby and an "H" from a handmade vendor at a fair. Next those are a stack of books. In the middle is a sign that was gifted to me. On the other end is another succulent from the dollar section, and then my grandpa's Army hat.

The dresser was given to me by a family friend. I have topped it with a candle from We the Dreamerz, a picture frame from Mrs. Glynn and Co., a boho mirror frame and ring dish from Hobby Lobby. In the center is a succulent that my sister potted in a Moscow mule mug. Stacked up are several jewelry boxes. The two bottom are from my grandma and the top one is from Mrs. Glynn and Co. The watch on top was my grandpa's.

The blanket basket is from Target. It was gifted to me many years ago when I graduated from high school. The chair is thrifted from a vintage home goods store and the matching pillow came with. The gray lumbar pillow is from Hobby Lobby. The side table is thrifted from a vintage store that is now closed. I use it for my book shelf mostly. On top is a lighted "H" from Target, a vintage bust that my dad found, and a handmade ceramic that I keep handkerchiefs in.

My two denim jackets stay hung on my closet door. They are both from Target. I also keep both of my small bags hung there too. They are also both from Target. I keep my Fossil Camila backpack hung on my closet knob.

On the wall next to my bed is a wall of hats. The black one is from Target, the grey one is from Shop Hopes, the olive one is from Rue21, and the brown straw one is from Amazon.

I am planning on adding some more pieces in as I settle in more. I didn't want to get everything for my apartment all at once because I wanted to get a feel for what I was going for and what I wanted.



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