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Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers

With Thanksgiving finishing off this week, Christmas is coming sooner than we think! Stocking stuffers are always such a fun little gift that can either be super easy to find or really hard to find. I’ve rounded up some fun options here to help make your stocking stuffer shopping a little easier.

Perfect for in the stocking and then on the coffee table afterwards. Having fun little games around keeps many occupied without electronics. This is great for all ages and can be used in anyone’s stockings. The best part is that it’s sold on Amazon for around $5!

Everyone loves getting socks in their stockings. No one will say that they do but they really do. Just stick a couple fun pairs into the stockings that you have to stuff. I have found great styles in Bullseyes Playground at Target. They have a great selection for men, women and kids!

My dad has always put a toothbrush in our stockings and I have always thought that it was a good idea. My sister probably does too. (She’s a dental hygienist.) It’s a great reminded to change out your toothbrush, and they make it easy because they gave you the new toothbrush to replace your old one with!

They are all the rage this year and are great for the girls in your life. Little girls, pre-teens, teens and college aged girls alike have been wearing them as accessories this year in the case that they would want/need to put their hair up throughout the day. You can find them almost everywhere now, so you can just take your pick when it comes to selecting where you would like to purchase them from.

Shooters/Mini Wine Bottles

If your stuffing stockings for those that are 21 and older, these are the perfect size to stuff with. Grab a variety and toss them in each stocking you need to stuff. It’s also kind of fun to see the reactions from those opening the stockings.

Target does it again with their Bullseyes Playground finds. I found great cord keeper sets and they had a great variety of colors available. These are great for kids in school, frequent travelers or someone who loves organization.

Great for those you know that love to read and the right size to stick in a stocking. Typically pretty inexpensive and some can be really cute finds.

Travel Sized Makeup/Samples

I know that Tarte has amazing travel sized makeup and they have put together some great kits with small eyeshadow and blush sets. Grab both and split them up to create gifts for several people on your list!

Hand Sanitizer

Tis the season to hopefully not spread your germs. Grab some hand sanitizer to stuff those stockings with! They may be glad you did.

It’s always fun to add a new and unique ornament to your tree. This is a great way to gift an ornament. Hang it with their stocking or place one inside. You get to choose!

Let me know if you have any other stocking stuffer ideas!


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