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Fall Wishlist

Fall fashion has hit the stores hard! It's been in stores and online for a while now but it's been summer weather really until this past weekend. I've been eyeing pieces for weeks now and since it is officially getting to fall temperatures, it's getting hard to resist some of the great pieces that are out there!


First on my list for changing seasons is always shoes. Not that I really need another pair, but there are always some really great styles out there! Currently, I am eyeing a dark brown pair with a chunky heel and I am looking for a great snakeskin pair that is more of a brown/cream color tone rather than the black and white that was very popular last fall. I haven't fully decided if I will be picking up a snakeskin pair yet, I think that I will need to try some on in stores.


Recently, as I was scrolling through Instagram, I had an ad for Bohme come up, so I checked out their website. I found so many great things that I would love to purchase for this upcoming fall season, but I specifically found a great pair of black Flying Monkey jeans with a frayed hem and small flared leg. They are high rise and have a great leg length. I'm 5'7"/5'8", so inseam does really matter to me. I can see these being styled up really great with booties and a sweater or with a cute blouse and denim jacket as well!

From the Bohme website.


I am a sweater junkie! I am so bad about buying sweaters and I always end up with so many new ones at the end of the season. I recently picked up my first new sweater of the season from a local boutique. Its a great color-block sweater and I know it will get great use this fall. I for sure would like to get a new cream semi-cropped sweater this fall. The one I currently have has really seen better days!


I really love great jackets and coats for fall. I love watching new styles come out because they can be so unique! I currently am eyeing two great jackets from BB Dakota. One is a navy and rust/brown checked pattern, and the other is a brown blazer with a neutral plaid print. They are so gorgeous! BB Dakota always has the best jackets and coats! I can't wait to see what other styles come out this fall!

From the BB Dakota site.

From the BB Dakota site.


I don't really feel like I wear blouses and dressier shirts unless it's fall and winter, and so now I am back in the mood for a dressier blouse rather than a basic tee. Again, I found some great ones on Bohme and they were all under $50. Some other great places that I have found blouses for fall is Francesas, Dry Goods, and Altard State. They have just always provided great blouse styles at good prices whenever I shop in store!

All the tops here are from the Bohme website! I've just been really loving their pieces for fall so far!


I've been super into earrings lately, and I picked up a great pair from We the Dreamerz that is handmade by a local artist. They are a tortoise hoop with gold metal accents. When it comes to necklaces, I am typically wearing my 712 gold bar necklace by Larissa Loden, and I sometimes layer that with my pearl necklace from my grandma. For fall I am wanting to get a small gold disk necklace that is a short length and get an 'i' stamped on it for my boyfriend. I love jewelry but I try to keep it simple. At one point I was really big into big statement necklaces, but I have for sure gone to more simple accessories just because they really suit me and my style better.


I am really wanting a new bag for this fall, but I cannot decide what style and size I'm looking for. I know I want a cognac/brown leather back and I want it to be a crossbody, but there are some other details that are still lacking. I found this one while scrolling through the Bohme website. I love the details, I'm just unsure about what the inside would be like! I'm keeping this one in mind as inspiration while I continue to hunt around.

None of this is sponsored, just some items that I am loving and looking at for fall! The photos are not mine, but each should coordinate with a website or link mentioned within that section!



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