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Fall Jacket Trends

Fall is officially here and now is the time to start really gearing up to get out those cozy sweaters and jackets in many places. (Although you might get too hot by noon if you are wearing any layers.) There are always some really amazing jacket trends as the fall season starts creeping in but there are always those key jackets that you can keep coming back to year after year. Today, we are chatting all about those jackets for fall!

The Classic Blue Jean Jacket

If you know me, you know I love denim, so it's only right that first up on the list is a classic denim jacket. They pair with literally everything and give that cool and casual vibe to any look. Here are some styling ideas for a classic blue jean jacket:

Create a classic look with black jeans, a white tee and some sneakers or booties.

Pair one with a dress and sandals for the perfect boho look.

Dress up some joggers by tying one around your waist.

Getting married? Customize one for your big day!

There are so many great options out there to choose from so here are a few great choices!

The Black Denim Jacket

Although I have yet to receive mine in the mail (Hopefully this week!), I have been eyeing black denim jackets for two years now! I have tons of ideas in mind for styling my new black denim jacket and I am so excited to try some ideas out soon. Need some ideas?

Go street style chic with distressed boyfriend jeans, a tee and sneakers or booties.

Get dressy with a cognac suede skirt with a sweater and over the knee booties.

Feeling ultra chic? Pair with black jeans, booties and a black turtleneck sweater.

(image from Pinterest)

Again with so many choices out there, it's hard to decide, but here are some great ones!

Free People: Rumors Denim Jacket

The Camel Coat

I absolutely loved the camel coat trend that I saw so much of last year. Again, I eyed some great camel coats for a while but not nearly as long as the black denim jackets. Once I found the perfect one for me at a great price, it was a nearly instant purchase! There are so many outfit options out there that the possibilities for this coat are endless! Here are some ideas anyways because I just can't help it.

Get dressy with a dress and booties.

Classic with a white button down, denim and mules.

Go casual with dressy joggers, a white tee and sneakers.

Here's three great choices for you:

The Plaid Jacket

This year, I have seen so many cute plaid jackets and I am for sure liking the vibe! You can dress them up or down so easily that it is such an effortless option when it comes to tossing on a jacket and running out the door. Some ideas I have seen and am soon to try out include:

Going boho with a dress and over the knee booties.

Classic fall with a sweater and booties.

Simple with dark wash jeans and sneakers.

I found this great option at Target, but here are a couple others too!

The Quilted Jacket

I am OBSESSED with the idea of a quilted jacket for fall. Picking the right one will be such a hard time though. Again styling this jacket is so simple and easy that its an effortless choice.

Simple with black denim, a white tee and sneakers, booties or mules.

Toss it over a dress to create a fun fall look.

Grab that cognac suede skirt again and pair it with a sweater and over the knee booties.

(image from Everlane on Pinterest)

Here are some great options that I have found and really like the look of:

ZZ Supply: Maya Quilted Jacket - three gorgeous colors

Thanks for reading along and let me know what jacket trends you try out this fall!



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