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Current Skincare Routine

Skincare is so important, especially in the winter, but surprisingly my routine doesn't ever change much because of the seasons!

To begin with, I always remove my makeup with Target brand sensitive skin makeup wipes. They have worked for me for the last three years and I know that I will continue to use them for future years to come.

From there, I use the St. Ives Green Tea face scrub to wash my face. I didn't pick this because of what it says the benefits are, I truly picked it because I love green tea! (Very random way to pick a face wash, I know.) I use this about every other day because I don't want to over exfoliate my face. When I don't use it I just move onto the next step!

After I scrub, I use my Thayer's Witch Hazel Water Toner in the scent Rose. I like this toner but I've used better. Face Nectar by Ebb&Flow is my all time, go-to, but is more expensive and I have to get it shipped to me. These toners both keep my face from extra flare-ups and maintain a consistent texture and oil/dryness level.

After my toner, I use tea tree oil on any blemishes that I currently have. If I don't have any blemishes currently, then I just skip this step. This helps take the redness and swelling out for me as well as dry up the blemish a bit to speed up the healing process. It doesn't work for everyone though.

From there, I use Herbivore Botanicals 'Orchid' roller oil for my under-eyes, forehead, and chin. This adds moistures and takes away the puffiness and color under my eyes. It also smells pretty great all while preventing aging!

The last thing I do for my skin is use my Lotions and Lathers 'Green Tea extract' face cream. I have also used this for many years and will continue to until the maker no longer is making it. It is a super lightweight formula that isn't oily and doesn't clog my pores like other lotions do. (This is handmade locally.)

Sometimes I will do a face mask if I am noticing that parts of my face are needing a little more TLC than others. Currently, I am loving peel off masks because of how easy they are to get off my skin. I go back and forth between these two depending on what my skin needs.

Thanks for reading!

*I am not sponsored by any of the brands/products listed above. This is just what I used and love.*


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