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Binge-Worthy Netflix Shows

Everybody loves a good binge-watch, so why not have your go-to shows? I often can sit down and watch many episodes of a show, maybe even a whole series if I'm really ambitious. But really, how many of us just put Netflix on in the background while you do work or chores. I know I do it often, basically everyday, so here is my list of shows that I am constantly watching or rewatching.

1. The Office- I have literally watched this through three times already and I am nearly finished with the fourth time. Just overall a great show and if you haven't seen it you should. I put off watching it for so long because I thought it wouldn't make sense to me. I am constantly laughing and quoting it.

2. Gossip Girl- Yes, I know I just went from The Office to Gossip Girl but Gossip Girl is also a show that I have watched through multiple times. I watched it for the first time in high school and loved it. I really get some good laughs out of dramas but I also find some great style inspiration every time I watch.

3. How I Met Your Mother- I watched all of this through once with my younger brother and we were constantly laughing. A great show if you are wanting constant laughter. There is also a great story line here and you can watch the characters evolve but you can also watch it out of order if you have a favorite episode.

4. Grey's Anatomy- I cry nearly every episode that I watch. Not even a joke. I didn't ever think that I would like Grey's because of the doctor and hospital things that I would see. I'm not much for blood and gore, but you can sometimes get a decent warning before any of it pops of on screen if you are wanting to look away.

5. Parks and Recreation- I truly haven't watched this fully through. I have enjoyed the episodes that I have seen. It's very funny and keeps you on your toes.

6. New Girl- Very hilarious! I have watched this through twice and I am laughing every time. I found that I caught many things that I missed the first time through. I love the characters and they are always up to something.

7. Queer Eye- Although there are not many seasons of this, I love watching it! I really love the guys and they do a fantastic job of setting up the story and showing how much they love what they do.

8. The Great British Baking Show- My sister and I binge this together. She loves this show and baking so she is always obsessed with what they are making. I love to see the decorating and such because there is some true talent on this show.

9. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt- A very funny show with a wild back story. The main characters really mesh and have such an odd dynamic but it really makes the story.

10. The Good Place- I love this show! So funny and it really makes you think sometimes and put things into perspective. If you are having a bad day, sit down and watch this because it really just boosts your mood. I love that when they try to swear, it changes the word.

11. Shameless- A great story that makes you think twice. They get into and out of trouble and are, typically, always helping each other. The characters are great and each of them has their own story and troubles along with their own triumphs.

12. Riverdale- I really loved the first two seasons, but the third one wasn't my absolute favorite if I am being honest. Don't get be wrong, it was still good, but it was a tad confusing and I feel like it came out of nowhere. I could have easily just missed something at the end of season 2 though.

13. Jane the Virgin- Very funny! I love that it is such a blend of genres. It's romantic, yet funny with a bit of a mystery all in one. I haven't watched this in a while but I feel like it left me on a cliff hanger constantly.

14. Scandal- I love this show so much! Olivia Pope is some sort of goddess. She truly is amazing in this show and radiates confidence. There is such a good story line and just enough drama, mystery and you guessed it, scandal!

15. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina- It's a show that I used to watch when I was younger (Sabrina the Teenage Witch), and they remade it with a different story line and such. It is a tad creepy at times, but I still enjoy it.

Next time you are in the mood for a Netflix binge-watch, check out this list! Maybe even start with something you haven't seen!



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