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Beauty: My Skin Care Routine

I can't lie, I haven't always cared about taking great care of my skin and I have truthfully never seen a dermatologist or skin care professional. (I should probably do this at some point.) When I was in high school, I essentially just took my makeup off at the end of the day. I didn't use any face wash, toner or serums. I would use a face lotion in the mornings if my skin was particularly dry, but seriously, nothing special.

This has all changed now, I have been very seriously taking care of my skin for the last year. I started using Tula at the very beginning of the year and was using other skin care brands previously to that. It still really isn't a crazy routine but it sure is more than what I did back in high school.

Step One: Remove Makeup

I use makeup wipes. I know that I should really change that and use something more eco friendly but I have yet to find something that really intrigues me to try out.

Step Two: Face Wash

I wet my face and scrub with face wash until my face is nice and sudsy, then I go in with my face wash brush. I just recently picked up this tool so I cannot give a full and detailed review just yet, but I can tell you that so far, I am loving it. This brush really makes my skin feel so very clean.

Step Three: Toner

After washing my face, I dry it off and then use toner. The toner makes my skin feel even more clean since using the brush as well. Before, I felt like I was just kind of rubbing it over my skin and it wasn't picking up any left over make up and icky stuff. Now, I can see the stuff that it is picking up and pulling off my skin.

Step Four: Serum

Serum used to be a word that was overwhelming for me, well, it still kinda is. There are so many out there for all different skin types and needs. I chose the one that I did because it is to help with clearing pores, which is a major skin care concern of mine.

Step Five: Moisturizer

Adding moisture in the winter is so important. This is the final step of my night routine. I use a lightweight moisturizer due to my oily skin. Heavy creams and moisturizers can be too much for my skin.

Step Six: Under Eye Balm

In the mornings, I love my eye balm for a refreshing wake up. It adds a great glow but also an awakening tingle that is great for tired mornings.

Bonus steps/products:

I love to use a sugar scrub on my face a couple times a week to help remove excess products and dry skin. It's a great way to refresh the skin.

Twice a week, I have been using a charcoal mask to help clear acne and blackheads. It's been great for trying to be proactive about the acne that has been popping up from all of the mask wearing.

Every once in a while I use a spot treatment to help speed up the the healing and treatment of acne spots.

Are there any skin care products that you swear by?

Thanks for reading!



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