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A Move to the Big City

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Welcome back!

It's been a minute (or more!) and life has surely been happening! There is so much craziness happening in this world and everything is so different from what it was back in January and February. My last post and this one will be full circle, because, I have officially moved to Kansas City! It's much different than living in Iowa, especially small town Iowa.

My boyfriend, Issack, graduated from college in May and took a job here in Kansas City. We are excited to see what the city has to offer and I am also excited to see what opportunities the city brings me. In this exciting (not) world of COVID, my amazing job as a personal stylist with a company that I loved has come to a close, so I am officially joining many others in the job search market. Although it is not a situation that I was expecting, nor am looking forward to, as I truly loved my job, I am excited about the job options that are available in a bigger city. (This story to be continued, hopefully!)

Issack and I are really looking forward to many things about the city! We visited the River Market last weekend when we started apartment hunting and loved it! I also have found some really great local businesses around Kansas City and surrounding cities that I am excited to explore!

I am planning on putting together guides to Kansas City as we get to know our area more and also find places that we love and frequent!

Thanks for reading about my exciting news!


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Love you sweetie! You’ll be a star for sure in KCMO! 🌟 ❤️

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